To SMS or To Call?

The Short Message Service (SMS) is not only used for conveying the personal messages to friends, families or to your loved one, but also for conveying business related messages. In the world of business and telecommunication today, Short Message Service (SMS) plays an important role due to its fast action no matter where you are located. Not only SMS can be done through your telephone, but it can also be use via Internet SMS for example sending and receive SMS through personal computer for doing your business activities communications. Read more now on

The SMS applications has come a long way in benefiting the corporate world and it provides lot of advantages for every one in the business world such as 95% of SMS that we send will definitely arrive to the person that we sent it to because of the efficiency of the service providers making the services better day by day. It is a perfect communication tools and also alerts to people on the move. It is also a convenient and suitable ways for sending payment intimations, payment reminders, SOS calls, greetings, and also receipts of payments such as utility bills, subscriptions and renewals. SMS is also being used as a marketing tool and advertising for example text messaging are often used in TV contest for voting especially in reality TV shows, sending reminders and alerts to its customers. Apart from that, SMS can also be use for sending coupons and special offers to loyal customers.

Users can also able to store SMS messages upfront through its facility which can store messages upfront whenever you are out of reach or outside the network coverage or even turned off. The facility enables the stored messages to immediately given out to the sender once the phone can be accessed. The SMS service can also be used for sending message to a group of people in one time. This can be achieved when you selected from your list of contacts. This is also known as broadcasting and usually used by companies to contact groups of peoples or even by online services in order to distribute news or information to their subscribers. Besides that, SMS subscriptions services can also be use for getting medication reminders directly to your phone, or getting weather alerts, news headlines or even novels which can be broken chapter by chapter. If you notice in the Internet search engines like Yahoo! and Google, they also provides short messaging services to all its users for getting information for example driving directions, movie show times or local business listings just by texting a query into the search engine’s phone number.

Even though SMS is important to all of us today, sometimes there are still some common issues like inefficient delivery structure when ever the provider data message center is backed up making the messages takes a longer time to reach its destination. Therefore in order to reduce its efficiency and deliver faster, the providers is using the new next-generation technology, for instance the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).

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